Corporate Overview

IndiSoft LLC Columbia, MD based has rapidly grown to become one of the leading company in the industry. IndiSoft LLC develops, licenses and supports a wide range of SaaS solutions and PaaS solutions for the services industry, including Sunesis Platform. Our award winning array of professional services includes everything from basic software consulting to complex software design and development. IndiSoft, which was selected as one of the Top 50 Service Providers by Mortgage Technology magazine, continues to lead the innovation in transforming how the default servicing industry communicates and exchanges information.

Established in 2005, we have grown from a single employee to well over 100, with multiple locations, not just by providing outstanding services for less, but more so by consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients. With offices in both the USA and abroad, IndiSoft has the knowledge, talent and skill to accomplish whatever your project requires, for less than virtually any competitor. Our growth and success are a combination of world class employees and an insatiable desire to achieve remarkable results for our clients.

Our reputation for providing efficient solutions in a timely manner has established us and resulted in an impressive array of repeat clients. We believe those who win will take a fundamentally different approach to business - one that is both dynamic and connected - where business models, brands, systems and are fully integrated across the organization.

Our vision is to help business make these connections by demonstrating innovative methods to bring speed, connectivity and efficiency in every aspect of the enterprise.

Our platform Sunesis allows participants the ability to easily align their processes to conform to existing regulations today, while allowing for simplicity of changes to conform to new regulations as they present themselves in the future. Established in 2005, IndiSoft provides the most efficient, reliable and scalable solution for mortgage servicers, investors, insurers, component loss mitigation outsourcers, and law firms.

Sunesis Platform

Sunesis which literally means the confluence of two rivers creating a single deep and powerful current represents the unifying of Indisoft’s products into a single platform or continuum of functionality to put robust technology solutions in the hands of our clients.

The Sunesis platform now has out-of-the-box content for key regulatory requirements to manage credit risk, conduct audits and oversee counterparties for any business process.

The highly configurable architecture will make adoption easy and adaptation even easier as “client control” is a major operating principle of Sunesis.